Google Adword For Small Business

It was in 2007 that I really got a breakthrough .I was reading and learning new techniques of business using the Internet. Google had introduced a powerful new medium called a Google Adwords ( ) . It is basically a classified type of an advertisement but it appears in a large part of the Google network . It also appears as sponsored listing when someone searches for a particular product on the right hand side of the search result page . It just so happened that i was looking for ways to promote a small website I did for a small family owned business of grandpa and dad . After submitting in popular classifieds websites and business directories I was just checking different ideas.We did get some queries and references by posting in some classifieds websites

It was then that an engineer friend and me discussed at length about Google Adwords. After going through a few days of rough reading i decided it was okay to do it.What started as a simple thing multiplied into such a powerful platform and medium . My engineer friend was kind enough to allow me to use his Google Adwords account to make a account for myself.At that time I started making a small advertisement for the family business website I had made.

The advertisement would appear whenever some searched for used machines or other such terms and keywords mentioned below in detail. It would appear on the right under the column sponsored links and listings .Google would charge us only when someone would click our ad and visit our website.Though at that time the ads were costly per click . I still maintained a budget of around 125 USD a month .

I started getting inquiries on the email I had mentioned on our home page and also my fathers phone number was mentioned and people started calling up my father for their requirement of machines.In about a years time I had gained full understanding of how the worked and how powerful a medium it is.Have u experienced or understood electricity as a powerful medium.As people started writing in I had a hard time keeping up with answering their emails and doing some other things. It was tough as I was going a through long term depression. And in the second year I started writing to people in greater details and started sending them photographs of the machines i had clicked.This gave the customers and clients some sense of security.We sold more than 30 machines in a brief span of time.It still was a difficult task as to how the machines were being sold and how I was able to get the contacts .Some key people from key companies came and bought machines.It was clear that the medium of Google ads was proving more than a help.As time passed by Google reduced the prices of their clicks and now it seems quite reasonable and sensible for us. Google also has a strict quality check on unwanted or invalid or fake clicks. If some company or person tries to do it the Google servers are able to detect it and label it as an invalid click.

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