How to Move Your Blogspot to Your Own Hosting

Moving your Blogspot blog to your own hosting is undeniably a clever decision of time, but before that you might be looking for the right Web Hosting Plans that will fulfill your current and future needs. If you are seeking for an option that can let you bring all your Blogspot entries, comments and of course your blog traffic to your own hosted blog then, WordPress is the right choice for you.

WordPress as it’s the most famous blogging software on Paid hosting. Well, here’s the step by step guideline for moving your Blogspot blog to your own hosting using WordPress. There may be two situations for this:

1. You’ve
2. You’ve hosted by WordPress

In first situation you’ll be moving like:
  • Prepare for the migration by uploading few .php and .html test pages
  • Install WordPress on your server
  • Go to WordPress Dashboard > Manage > Posts, and delete “Hello World”
  • Now go to Manage > Import > Select Blogger and follow the instructions. All your entries and comments are there now.
Now go to your Blogspot blog and download all images, and upload them on your own server and enter them in the posts manually. (This is a hectic job, but you’ll have to do it.)

In second situation, you’ll have to:

  • First get back to from your Blogspot account. For this go to Setting > Publishing > Switch to Blogspot.
  • Now change the name servers of your domain from your domain panel. You’ll have to give new name servers, i.e. as prescribed by the new hosting company.
  • And now follow all the steps as described in case 1.

Your Blogspot blog is now completely moved and set on your own hosting. Experience the new interface and better customization.

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